WALDBUHNE IN BERLIN 2002 - Night of Encores (A) (Jansons)

WALDBUHNE IN BERLIN 2002 - Night of Encores (A) (Jansons)


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Chapi, Ruperto - Composer
Kim, Lyun Joon - Composer
Toyama, Yuzo - Composer
Sibelius, Jean - Composer
Elgar, Edward - Composer
Wagner, Richard - Composer
Kreisler, Fritz - Composer
Gardel, Carlos - Composer
Paganini, Nicolo - Composer
Mascagni, Pietro - Composer
Dvorak, Antonin - Composer
Bizet, Georges - Composer
Massenet, Jules - Composer
Lincke, Paul - Composer

Venue: Waldbuhne, Berlin
Date of Concert: 23-06-2002
Playing Time: 01:44:00
Television Director: Coles, Bob
Catalogue Number: EuroArts5196
UPC: 880241519689

As the cameras reveal the scale of this open-air event, held at Berlin's Waldbuhne in 2002, it is not only the music that is transmitted but the extraordinary atmosphere. This is a full programme of musical bon-bons – pieces regularly given as encores: it’s as if the joyous moment following a successful performance has blossomed into a whole evening. Vadim Repin is clearly happy to indulge, performing here with all the appropriate showmanship and artistry alongside the first-class Berliner Philharmoniker and Mariss Jansons. There is a palpable satisfaction from all involved, musicians and crowd alike.

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