COSMOS GLOBAL: Iceland (Fire and Ice)

COSMOS GLOBAL: Iceland (Fire and Ice)


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Cosmos Global: Fire and Ice
Ullman, Frank - Television Director

Catalogue Number: CDG-DVD-140
UPC: 883629300474

Iceland, an island of fire and ice, a land of geysers, volcanoes and lava deserts, is remote and desolate, yet full of breathtaking natural beauty.

The spectacle of numerous solfatara formations ranges from fascinating bubbling mud holes to dramatic crevices that spew out hot steam. The sulphur-laden mud pools can reach a temperature of up to 100 degrees Celsius. The surrounding terrain can suddenly give way, therefore the area can be extremely dangerous and should be approached with great caution.

Although a tourist destination, Námaskard is far from overcrowded. This is most likely due to the ever present and highly obtrusive odor of sulphur expelled by its mud holes. The Námaskard region is not only one of the hottest areas of the island, it also forms the geological border between Europe and North America known as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

The scenery is indeed captivating and surreal, and it is hardly surprising that countless myths and legends have been created on the island. Rising from the depths of the earth, the foul-smelling vapors of the solfatara fields and the volcanic surroundings of Námaskard probably once stimulated the imagination of the Vikings, Iceland’s original inhabitants.

Just outside the small town of Grindavik, near the capital of Reykjavik, a more down-to-earth though sensual ritual takes place. The Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular bathing areas on the island. Surrounded by lava, the water of this picturesque lake is a constant 38 degrees Celsius. The sonorous name of the Blue Lagoon is not derived from a natural phenomenon but from the waters of a nearby geothermal power plant!

As one of the greatest natural paradises in Europe, Iceland is totally unique. This island in the North Atlantic unites in a most magical way the two great forces of nature: scorching fire and eternal ice!

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